Our commitment to people who use Laura's Place services and their families and carers.

  • We are passionate about people, about being positive and what's possible
  • Laura's Place will provide high quality servcies to achieve outcomes that are important to you
  • We will consult with you to understand what you want and need, offer choice and value, and support you to make decisions
  • We will not discriminate and we will welcome your suggestions and any complaints you make seriously


  • Laura's Place comprehensive whole family approach addresses clients and their families holistically
  • Our services are person-centred, family focussed and we use evidence based therapies

Your privacy

  • We only collect information we need to provide you with appropriate services and to do our work. Unfortunately, the support we provide may be limited if you choose not to provide this information
  • With your consent, Laura's Place may use the information you provide to refer you to other services. We may also use your information to report to funding bodies and for research and evaluation without identifying you
  • We will not provide your personal information to anyone else without your consent except where we are obliged to by law
  • You can review the information Laura's Place keeps about you by requesting your therapist or the manager of Laura's Place to show it to you

What you can expect from Laura's Place


You can choose which services provided by us suit your needs best.


At Laura's Place we will listen to you and with you develop a plan for your service. We will consult with you about decisions which affect your service.


Laura's Place is an "all-under-one-roof" service catering to all your needs.


Laura's Place is a friendly, welcoming and safe environment

Respect and Concern

At Laura's Place we will treat any concerns you may have seriously and respond promptly and appropriately to them.


Laura's Place will provide you with easy to understand information about the services available to you.

Respectful and knowledgeable staff

The staff at Laura's Place are friendly, trustworthy and highly trained. They will treat you fairly and respectfully regardless of who you are and where you come from.


Laura's Place will keep your information private and only use information for things you have agreed to.


Laura's Place will provide you with information about fees and charges before you use our services.

How to help us meet our commitment to you

  • Tell us what we need to know to provide you with the best possible support and assistance
  • Keep us informed when your needs or circumstances change so we can adjust your service if necesary
  • Respect staff and other people who use our service
  • Provide us with feedback so we know what we are doing well and how we can improve

Tell us what you think

We welcome feedback and complaints as they help us to know what we do well and how we can improve.

We try to resolve complaints quickly. We will contact you with an initial response and let you know how we will deal with your complaint. You may appeal if you are not happy with the way we have handled your complaint or the outcome.

You can give us feedback by:

  • Speaking with the Laura's Place staff member you have regular contact with
  • Completing a feedback form and leaving it at the office
  • Emailing us at info@laurasplace.com.au
  • Writing or speaking to our CEO