"It's taken some time for me to write this testimonial. After 18 months I felt it was necessary to finally do this, because of my appreciation of the invaluable tools I had been taught, as I attended the parental course offered.

When I attended this course I was heavily pregnant and had a 3 year old boy in tow. I had no particular issues with my 3yo son, apart from the normal. I was wanting to be proactive about parenting.

I became aware of the benefits of what I was learning when talking amongst a group of parents from all walks of life, with different issues. The simple and totally doable solutions were enlightening. I use the parenting tools taught on a daily basis, and with now 2 delightful boys in tow, I feel I am more prepared to be a confident and loving mother.

I recommend this course to ANY parent. It reassures me to know that Laura's place is there for me in the future too, as I now embark on a new era, with my eldest son going to kindergarten this year.

A huge thank you to Laura and her amazing team."

- Dee (Feb, 2016)

"I just wanted to send a quick update on [my son]. The last two terms at school have been so great. He agreed to do the reading recovery program recently and has gone from a level 4 reader to 11 in a matter of about 5 or 6 weeks. He always had the ability, he just needed to find the confidence in himself and now he has. He is really applying himself in class and being cooperative and involved with group activities.

I just wanted to thank you for helping us initially, and for believing in him and for making me feel that everything was alright and that he would 'catch on' when he was ready. All he needed was encouragement and support from everyone, and that's what he got. I'm impressed with [his school], they have really done a lot for him and been very supportive. His teachers are extremely proud of him and he has recieved a lot of acknowledgement for his hard work at school.

Thanks Laura for everything you and the team do there at Laura's Place"

- Mum (Sep, 2015)

"Hi Laura, I wanted to give you a quick update.

Our son turned 8 today! He is growing into an amazing individual. He’s creative, been doing well at school, and his current teacher loves him!. He's a blue belt in karate, a strong swimmer and most importantly he's happy!

Just wanted to share as I still hold in my heart what you did for us - especially me. I would never pretend things are perfect but when I look back on that dark time I feel like things are perfect in comparison!

So just wanted to let you know we are still thanking you!"

- Parent

"I was very skeptical initially that this course would make a difference. Special time made a big difference provided we were consistent with doing it every day.

I think couples should be encouraged to both attend. Otherwise it is difficult for both parents to be consistent with the steps, i.e. special time, praise, rewards etc.

Would prefer Saturday mornings.

This course has made a huge difference at home and has made it a better place to live. Thank you."

- Andrew

"Was very informational & helped to show us where we were with the boys. I would recommend this course to anyone. Time was great - 7-9pm fits with the family & for babysitting. Thanks for the tools and making home life more bearable.

Thanks for everything!"

- Parent

"Best advice: That kids don’t discriminate between good & bad attention.

Time of session is good & I would recommend the course (and Laura’s Place in general) to others."

- Parent

"Really enjoyed the classes. Learned a lot, mostly about myself and our parenting.

Learning about kids not filtering good or bad attention was very helpful.

Teaching was good. I did find the lesson could get hijacked by individuals from time to time - not that it was always a negative thing but it would take a long time to bring things back to the point.

I love charts & graphs, and having a few printed & laminated would make some things easier to explore and understand.

Thank you - you made a big difference to our family life."

- James

"We found the course really helpful in finding ways to deal with behaviour.

All points made total sense, I (we) need to get on the same page and follow through.

A follow-up course would be great.

Strategies to become better parents feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you."

- Katrina & Mark

"I thought the course was excellent - from week 1 to week 6 it has been a great help. Thank you very much."

- Parent

"Praising - we both found this made a huge difference in dealing with our child’s behaviour issues, and also learning to stop & think before acting on situations has been a major strong point of this course.

We would encourage all couples & parents to attend these classes whether there are issues or no issues because the info & techniques taught are very valuable for being parents and also becoming better in oneself."

- Scott & Cheryl

"7 at night worked for us as it allowed us to organise the rest of our life to be able to attend.

Have recommended this course to other friends and to attend Laura’s Place.

Liked starting each week with the feedback of the previous week and this helped us to not feel isolated.

Liked that it wasn’t done by an external person. Having a familiar face made it easier to disclose our own situation.

Helped communication between us to realise our own behaviour is a large part of our family situation."

- Parent