‘Jungle Behaviour’ is a unique board game, developed by Laura Kiln, that promotes positive behaviour in children.

It’s a fantastic game for parents to play with their children as it facilitates learning opportunities for kids aged 4-10.

When you play ‘Jungle Behaviour’ you’ll be promoting positive behaviour whilst enjoying a fun game and quality time together with the kids!

Kids really do LOVE to play games with their parents so the more you play, the more opportunities you’ll have to reinforce positive behaviours in a fun way.

Jungle Behaviour Features:

  • Jungle Behaviour requires a parent to play the game with their children, as parents are essential in their role to praise children for their good choices.
  • The game uses colour coded cards that each deal with a specific behavioural issue. Parents are able to select cards depending on the day to day situations their child may be struggling with, to help change their behaviour.
  • Kids learn better by repetition so Jungle Behaviour was purposely designed to be played over and over using the same cards.
  • Different cards can be introduced to help with changing or new behaviours.
  • Extra sets of cards are available to help children with ADHD or similar behaviour. There are also cards that can be used for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder that enable them to adjust their behaviour in certain situations.
  • Many children on the Autism spectrum also have difficulty in reading social cues, such as body language and facial expressions so Jungle Behaviour also includes cards that are specifically designed to help with this problem.

‘Jungle Behaviour’ has been used very successfully with children to help with everyday issues like getting dressed in the morning or doing homework!

The Jungle Behaviour Board Game also makes a fantastic family gift idea!

"This game is proving invaluable in helping our children make good choices and we are not constantly repeating ourselves when we ask them to do something!" - Jenny M - Director of a Sydney preschool.

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Laura Kiln features on NBN Television talking about the Jungle Behaviour board game.