Do you dread doing homework with your child because reading is such a nightmare?
Does your child get upset or cross with you trying to help them?

We all know that children can be difficult to persuade to do their homework….. especially for their parents!

Are you worried about your child’s reading?
Concerned about dyslexia or reading disorders?

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At Laura’s Place we have two amazing teachers who can help your child on a one to one basis. Your child will quickly gain confidence and start enjoying reading! Sessions are 30 minutes each.

Here are a few success stories. Imagine achieving this for your child too!

Homework was a nightmare. I never really thought how hard a language English is to explain to a child. After a few sessions at Laura’s Place the difference was staggering!

I was so stressed by which reading level my son was on, everyone else seemed higher. We came for 6 sessions at Laura’s Place and the difference was just brilliant! Happier more confident child was all I wanted – and it worked...

What advice would I give? I’d say it’s a course to help your child build strong reading skills, they don’t have to be failing, just needing some extra 1:1 help. I couldn’t believe how quickly it worked for my twins.

First session, assessment and required record books $150
(allow 45 mins-1 hour).

Subsequent sessions  $65.

Please note: Our teachers find that the best results are gained from your child attending when they are alert and able to concentrate, especially Year 1. They require less sessions to achieve a great result!

If you would like some more information or wish to make an appointment please give us a call on (02) 4385 5587.

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