Behaviour problem?

Our Behavioural Support Parenting Workshops are run with groups of parents in the same situation. They run for 4-6 weekly sessions (depending on the topic) in a supportive and fun environment. Groups are held on different weekdays across the year to help find a time that may suit you.

We loved the course Laura! It was great how each week we went around the group to talk about how we used our new skills and what unfolded (good and bad). We have learned so much and are incredibly grateful to have been part of this course! We feel optimistic that we are now armed with the know how for a much calmer family!

Laura’s parenting course is eye-opening and so inspiring! We do know our kids best, and we can learn to help them in the best way for them. Being in a group setting was especially beneficial too. Thanks for equipping me and my family!”

Groups run as a rolling program all year round. Please contact us on (02) 4385 5587 to reserve your place in the next group.

Groups are offered on the following topics:

  • Understanding your ASD child – arming parents with the vital skills needed to help their child reach their personal full potential with a healthy self esteem
  • Understanding your ADHD child – what causes ADHD and helping you, your family and your child cope
  • Taming your toddler or preschool child – get help dealing with typical toddler behaviour, such as tantrums, everyday battles, sleep issues and separation
  • Children’s difficult behaviour explained – learn why children aged 4-10 years act the way they do and get tips on getting out the door on time, helping with homework and sane supermarket trips
  • School readiness for parents – helping parents prepare themselves and their children for the step to school
  • Understanding your teenager – deal with the issues that keep you awake at night worrying about your teen, such as drugs, drinking, sex, communication and helping other children cope.

Who could benefit from Laura’s Behavioural Management Courses?

Here are some examples of questions parents often ask me:

“Why does my four-year-old stand there and lie to me about something I know she has done? I always say be honest and I won’t be cross. It is so frustrating. Is she going to grow up thinking it’s ok to lie?”

“My five-year-old son won’t sit still at school. He is up and down on his chair, interrupts the teacher and just will not take turns in games. The school is starting to think he has ADHD, but I’m not convinced. At home he is always on the go, but he has always been like that! What’s normal at five?”

“Our daughter was delightful, well mannered and worked hard at school until her 14th birthday. Now we have a stranger in our house; she is moody, yells at her sister and shouts at us no matter what we do. She refuses to do homework, talks for hours on the phone and when not on the phone she is on MSN. Getting her to do anything she doesn’t want to is like World War III. It’s driving us mad. What can we do?”

“Our son has been diagnosed with ASD. We always thought something was different with him. How do we help him? We have spent hours on the Internet but feel we are going around in circles.”

“I knew having a toddler was exhausting, but his tantrums can go on for ages and I am at my wits end! Is this normal?”

“My children both have ADHD and their school is asking me for guidance, but I find them a nightmare at home. How can I help us all?”

Do any of the above scenarios sound familiar? Our Behavioural Support Groups will help with all of these issues.

Based on the internationally acclaimed "Incredible Years" program for parents of ASD children the Behavioural Support Group will empower you as a parent and give you the positive tools to help your child reach their full potential. Classes are facilitated personally by international parenting expert Laura Kiln who is the only certified "incredible Years" trainers in Australia.

To join one of the groups please contact our office on (02) 4385 5587 and we will make an appointment to meet with you and discuss the best options for you.

Once you've decided to join one of our groups we will ask you for a $100 deposit to secure your seat. Payment in full will be required prior to group commencement. Partners are welcome to attend at a cost of just $25 per session.

What other parents think...

We learnt about seeing things from a child’s point of view & not adult’s perspective. We understand child’s behaviour a bit more and we learnt that what we were dealing with was completely normal and there is a way to help deal with it and get us through. We learnt ways to minimise behaviour problems by spending special two with our children. We really liked the group setting as it enabled us to listen to what others going through and learn from everyone at the same time. It was very helpful.  We are really surprised by what we learnt and put in place at home the results are amazing! It makes us think, yes we are now well equipped with tools to continue our parenting journey..”

Very beneficial is teaching my husband how much he means to his ‘step’ son, and how to handle his difficult behaviour. Great for me to learn additional skills to also handle behaviour and a good refresher on some things already knew.”